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  • Q: Is noise inhibiting your patients' ability to heal and your staff's ability to provide
    the best care possible?
  • Q: Is noise putting your hospital's reputation and financial reimbursements at risk?
  • Q: Do you know that only 13.6% of those hospitals addressing noise reduction
    on their own rate their success as 'Good' or 'Great'?

To truly fix your noise problem you need the right partner and a Sound Solution.

The Making Hospitals Quiet program is holistic and utilizes behavioral, procedural and architectural
assessments and interventions as well as cutting edge technology to achieve and sustain noise reduction and
total sound quality in hospitals.
You will get:
  • A detailed Noise Assessment of your environment of care according to 30 critical sound quality indices.
  • A written and actionable Sound Quality Plan built on high-impact and low-cost acoustic interventions.
  • Staff Training and diligent guidance throughout implementation.
  • Monitoring of progress with custom sound quality surveys and noise monitoring instrumentation.
  • Ongoing involvement for Continual Improvement.
Whether you are focusing on your existing facilities or planning expansions, renovations or completely new facilities, the Making Hospitals Quiet program brings you Sound Solutions, High Scores and Happy People.

Sound Solutions

  • Work alongside experienced experts in noise control engineering and
    organizational development to achieve a sustainable quiet environment
    and quiet culture.
  • Benefit from an industry wide perspective along with success stories and
    lessons learned from hundreds of other hospitals.
  • Improve beyond just noise reduction, and benefit from soothing sounds, auditory
    privacy and confidential communications (HIPAA Oral Privacy Rule).
  • Choose your level of involvement each step of the way, and enjoy better results
    faster than by going it alone.

High Scores

  • See your HCAHPS Quiet at Night scores and other patient satisfaction
    scores increase.
  • Gain valuable consistency and achievement points in the CMS value
    based purchasing program as you move towards and beyond the
    environmental dimension benchmark.
  • Maximize your value based purchasing reimbursements.
  • Gain market share as your quality metrics (now transparent to the public) increase.

Happy People

  • Decrease patient noise complaints and increase satisfaction by achieving
    a patient's true perception of quiet.
  • Let high acuity patients still feel that caregivers are close-by.
  • Provide your staff a less stressful environment where they can excel
    at patient care.
  • Allow soothing sounds to relieve anxiety and provide positive distractions.